Known About Smart Way To Get Gorgeous Tan On Skin

Known by myriad names, Airbrush Tanning is the name of the method of producing a tanned effect on the body due to the application of certain chemicals. This process is certainly different from natural tanning of skin but the effect obtained is the same. In fact, it is a very smart way of obtaining a gorgeous tan on the skin. The best part is you don’t even have to lie in the hot sun for hours to get the tan. The popularity of sunless tan has increased manifold. This is especially true after there were medical reports of how tanning of skin on a regular basis in the hot sun can lead to the growth of carcinogenic cells in the body.

Types of air brush tanning:

When it comes to Airbrush Tanning, there are many types available. uses some of the best spray tan Sydney chemicals which are safe to use and are used to bring the effect of tanning. A few chemicals to produce tanning are mentioned below:

  • Products made of Carotenoid – It is the most natural kind of getting a sun tan and the one whose effects last the longest. This natural ingredient is found in carrots etc giving them attractive and bold colors.
  • Canthaxanthin – Used as a food coloring agent but it is not recommended as a tanning agent by the FDA.
  • Beta Carotene – Food in carrots. This is also a very good tanning agent. Used normally as pills.
  • DHA-based products – A very safe way indeed to attain the effects of tanning. Used in tanning sprays, it coats the skin layer with a film. This reacts with the amino acids present in the body and gives the skin a dark color.
  • Temporary bronzers – These are the products whose effects are limited to just 24 hours and hence do not last long.

Risks involved:

Most of these above mentioned tanning agents do not offer protection against the sun. But the best spray tan Sydney chemicals used at has SPF mixed with it. Therefore, the tanning effect on the skin takes place in just 15 minutes. The tanning done at the place is in a way so that there are no stains on the clothes. Though there are many risks involved but Sydney Day Spa ensures that the damage done is absolutely negligible. They follow a smart and sophisticated means of using the Best Spray Tan Sydney chemicals so that the results are great.

Today, with the ease of technology and science attaining a sunless tan has become a matter of few hours. brings to you the latest methods and the safest indeed in this regard. These methods to get UV free tanning are conducted by the skin care specialist and experts. The products used are 100% safe and are thoroughly tested. They are found to be 100% safe to be used on humans. No matter whatever is your age, air brush tanning a “magic tan” is the only safe way to get a healthy looking tan and that too in various degrees according to your preference.

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Unusual Valentine’s Day Perfect Luxury Gift Idea

Love is in the air now on as Valentine’s Day is round the corner. This is the time when lovers across starts souring through web pages, shopping malls, or simply their thought process to give that special gift to their valentine. Most of the time, valentine enthusiasts settle down on the same old usual gifts rather pondering more and go for innovative idea. One should try to make life and love simple yet keeping the spark alive by ordering online gift packages with unique stuff to please your valentine. Valentine’s Day Gift Idea can indeed be made easy by venturing for more unique and exceptional unusual valentine gifts. Why should you reconcile with usual predictable gifts than on unusual valentine day gift ideas? It’s all in the mind that searching a perfect gift for that perfect day and a big challenge to hone on that surprise gift, it only need one smart thinking and prompt your mind to an ideal unusual gift.

New Unusual Valentine day gift idea:

Gone are the days when spas and herbal massages were a thing of luxury and a rich man’s delicacy of style and lifestyle status. But now is the time of everyone to indulge and experience the therapeutic massages incredibly in inexpensive packages. You can experience seamless Massage Therapy at by ordering any couple massage package which helps in releasing tension, stress, anxiety and simultaneously increase the vitality after unnecessary toxins from the body. This massage therapy rejuvenates one’s mind, body and soul. Nothing can beat a surprise massage package for your valentine as these days, women are known for multi-tasking and seldom have they time for their own self. If you bargain the best ‘me time’ for her by simply booking online at and fix a valentine couple massage at Ayurve Wellness Day Spa with a glass of champagne and secluded in a couple room in complete privacy for that one luxurious body scrub for 90 minutes, massage and then facial by treating face and neck.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea:

Valentine gift ideas can be a wide array of surprise dinner dates as wine tasting getaway or a quick trip to a cruise for the couple’s two night packages by the airlines, or a spa session at your private space from a personal trainer for couple massage along with champagne on the rocks. However, it will be a delight for your beloved if you surprise her with massage packages or baskets of herbal, lavender or vanilla oils, body lotion, bath salts and many more and then pamper her by giving her a sensual foot chocolate massage. If this is not enough, then treat your lover with more surprises with Valentine’s Day with an Ayurve Gift card. Make this New Year a memorable by flattering her with special Valentine’s Day packages of spa concept. Book yourself along with your love a couple’s room for massage therapy and enjoy the therapeutic experience of Luxury package, absolute indulgence spa package which will exfoliate her skin, nourish and relax her senses. This will enhance her senses and simulate her libido to more adventures and fun with you in complete isolation. Enjoy the bliss of Valentine’s Day gift ideas and conjure your senses with your partner with complete indulgence.

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